Improve Your English Language Skills in Youth Classrooms

What Is LINC?

The Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) is an English-language study program for immigrants who know little or no English, and need to improve their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. These classes are funded by the Government of Canada and are available at no cost to eligible newcomers 18 years of age or older.

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What Are LINC Youth Programs?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers a variety of LINC classes and programs designed specifically for newcomer youth. The Immigrant Youth Centre (IYC) and LINCing Youth an exciting on-line based English language training program, are two unique programs available to youth between the ages of 18 and 24.

The Immigrant Youth Centre (IYC), located in Markham, follows the same teaching guidelines as other LINC classes. What makes youth programs different is that the classroom activities are created to meet the special needs of youth. You will improve your English skills in a fun environment, learn more about Canadian culture, and meet people your own age.

In the IYC program, newcomer youth participate in activities and learn information that matches their age level. For example, these classes cover subjects like how to find a job or how to choose the right school for you (including university, college, and other schools). There are different LINC classes available including part-time and full-time classes for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Levels 3/4 and 5/6.

All courses are taught by trained and certified teachers. You will learn English by doing different activities with the whole class, in small groups, and individually with the teacher.

Childcare and transportation to and from classes may be available.

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LINCing Youth is an online-based English language training program for eligible youth who may be struggling with writing, reading, listening or speaking. The online component offers comic book style content. Students can get instant results on their classwork, participate in online mentoring forums, and play daily word games. They also have access to a youth-oriented web portal and a web-forum to connect and share with other youth.

This program also offers weekly drop-in classes and one-on-one telephone conversations with a teacher.

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To enrol, you must take an assessment test to find out your current level of English language skills. (Please see “How to Enrol”, below).

Who Can Take LINC Youth Classes?

While some youth programs may also have their own guidelines for eligibility, including maximum age restrictions, in Ontario you are able to enrol in LINC Youth classes if you are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A Permanent Resident, a person who has applied for Permanent Resident status and has received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada stating you have initial approval, a Landed Immigrant, or a Convention Refugee
  • Have English language skills that are currently at CLB Level 1 to 6 or higher

If you are interested in enrolling in IYC Youth LINC classes, you must meet all regular LINC eligibility requirements, and also:

  • Be no older than 24 years old
  • Have English language skills that are currently between CLB Level 2 and Level 5
  • Live in the Markham area, or be willing to travel there

You are not eligible for LINC if you are a:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Refugee claimant
  • Temporary resident (including foreign student, foreign worker, or visitor)

Before entering a LINC class, you will be required to take a free test to find out your current English language skills.

If you do not qualify for LINC classes, there are a number of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes available in your community. Click here to read more about English as a Second Language classes.

How to Enroll?

Before enrolment, you must take a free English language test at an Assessment Centre located in your community to find out your current level of English language skills.

There are several Assessment Centres in Peel Region, the City of Toronto and York Region and Simcoe County. Your appointment will be booked at an Assessment Centre closest to you. To learn more about Assessment Centres and to find an Assessment Centre in your community click here.

When calling any office, please remember to speak slowly and clearly. It will be helpful for you to have a pen and paper ready when you call to write down answers to your questions.

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