Newcomers to Canada have access to a number of employment supports and training services funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario that help address the unique needs of newcomers to Canada, particularly the needs of Internationally Trained Professionals and Trades people.

Employment related services are available in your community through community agencies, school boards, and community colleges. You can receive employment counselling services, skills development information, apprenticeship training in a skilled traded, and personal career help by speaking with a professional consultant who can help you plan your career, get training, help with your resume, and prepare you for interviews. Many also offer guidance and support through the professional credentials assessment process and offer workshops on Canadian workplace culture, business etiquette and networking. Volunteer and mentoring opportunities are also available. Click here to read more about the services available to you in your community, or visit to find a location nearest you.

Welcome to Ontario

Visit Welcome to Ontario to learn more about working in Ontario. Find out how to qualify for employment, get a license for your profession, or take part in special programs that help newcomers start their careers in Ontario.

The Government of Canada

Working in Canada Tool can help you to decide where to live and work. It produces a report on job descriptions, wages, skill requirements, language training and job opportunities based on your occupation and a location. By researching different occupations and different locations, you can make decisions that are right for you and your family. The Working in Canada Tool displays information from a variety of Government of Canada resources:
National Occupational Classification (NOC)
Labour Market Information
Labour Mobility
Essential Skills
Service Canada
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
Human Resources and Skills Development

preferred profession

To learn how to find a job in your preferred profession in Canada, visit, or scroll down to read more about services available to Internationally Trained Professionals.

skilled trade

If you are interested in working in a skilled trade, visit Employment Ontario. Learn more about trade certification and apprenticeship opportunities, as well as where you can get financial help to pay for your apprenticeship training and the tools you made need.

Job Finding Clubs and Job Search Workshops

There are many Job Finding Clubs and Job Search Workshops that are accessible to you in your community. Job Finding Clubs are job search workshops that run for intensive three-week sessions. Job Search Workshops are condensed three-day or four-day workshops for job ready newcomers who are legally entitled to work in Canada. There are 30 JSW programs across Ontario. Visit to read more about how to register, or to find a JSW near you.

Internationally Trained Professionals and Tradespeople

The Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario offer specialized programs and services for Internationally Trained Professionals, focussing on job search and finding work in their occupation or related field. Many of the program and services such as Enhanced Language Training Services are offered through community agencies, community colleges, and school boards.

Jobs in Canada are either regulated or non regulated. The Working in Canada Tool provides you with the name and contact information for the regulatory body or apprenticeship authority for the occupation in Ontario that you select. It will also give you the name and contact information for the regulatory body or apprenticeship authority for the occupation selected. Ontario has over 30 regulated professions – from architecture and engineering to social work and veterinary medicine. A licence is required to work in these fields in Ontario. Ontario also has more than 140 recognized trades, of which about 20 require mandatory certification. Visit to learn more about getting licensed to work in your profession or trade in Ontario, or to learn more about how to get your academic credentials assessed to Ontario’s standards.

Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario can help internationally trained and educated professionals find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario. This one-stop centre offers a range of services for internationally educated individuals.

The GEO centre provides information for people who intend to apply to a regulatory body to obtain licensure to work in their field. Knowledgeable staff can explain the process for licensing and registration in Ontario.

English and French services are available in person, by telephone and online.

Bridging Programs

Bridging programs are for newcomers with education and experience who would like to work in their field. Bridging programs assess your existing skills and competencies, compared to Ontario employer expectations, and provide training and Canadian workplace experience without duplicating what you have already learned.

Some bridge training programs offer mentoring opportunities with established professionals to help you become certified or registered in your field.

Each bridge training program is different and may provide you with:

  • An assessment of your education and skills
  • Clinical or workplace experience
  • Skills training or targeted academic training programs
  • Preparation for a licence or certification examination
  • Language training for your profession or trade
  • Individual learning plans to identify any added training you may need

If you work in a regulated profession or trade and you are interested in a bridge training program click here For programs aimed at other professions and trades or that are not specific to any particular occupation, click here


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